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Agency Distributed Products

Our clients increasingly seek reasonably priced HR technologies—only to find gaps in the market. In response, we’ve worked diligently to close those gaps. MillsonJames has designed, created, and implemented HR technology products aimed at enhancing the value of our partner agencies by filling these identified market voids. And in keeping with our unwavering objectivity promise, we never promote these products over a better solution for a client. Available products in the HR Technology marketplace each address a unique niche and target market—and we always will work diligently to match up a client’s need with the best available market product.

The following products are proprietary to MillsonJames and are available only to our partner agencies.


In 2015, employers were sent scrambling to identify solutions to help produce the required IRS Forms 1094 and 1095 to remain in compliance with the Affordable Care Act. Unfortunately, many smaller employers struggled to meet this compliance challenge, whether due to limitations within their payroll vendors, budget constraints, or lack of data. Other employers simply didn’t have available viable options. In response to this dilemma, MillsonJames imagined, designed, and developed a cloud-based, do-it-yourself tool to easily produce the required forms in a cost-effective manner.

We make DIY1095 available to employers through licensing agreements with employee benefits agencies. Throughout 2015, our agency partners experienced success by leveraging DIY1095 and have greatly appreciated having the product as an option for their clients.

Benefits Engagement Network (BEN)

We launched the Benefits Engagement Network (BEN) in 2014 to help a decentralized client that was struggling with employee engagement and communication across their multiple locations. In response to the challenge, we scoured the market for a cost-effective solution. Finding none, we met with both the client and our agency partner to pinpoint the organizational needs and objectives. As a result, BEN was born.

Today, BEN is leveraged by our partner agencies to offer a cost-effective communication and engagement tool for their employees. At a fraction of the cost of other market products, BEN has successfully met the market need and is available exclusively to MillsonJames partner agencies.

HR Tech Assess

Our partner agencies often ask us to help their clients' market position with respect to HR Technology. Typical client questions include “Are we leveraging the right technology?” “Have we maximized our potential use of our HR Technology?” “What else could/should we be doing?” and “Are we with the right provider?”

In many cases, an employer simply wants to understand where they stand in and how they leverage the HR Technology marketplace. For these situations, we developed HR Tech Assess, an on-line assessment tool designed to help initiate employer conversations and introduce new possibilities. By investing 5 to 10 minutes, an employer can gain an appreciation—not only for their relative market position, but also for future possibilities. Our partner agencies have full access to this tool and can leverage it on behalf of their clients, both current and prospective.

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Our clients demand complete objectivity. Their success depends on it. And they know they can count on MillsonJames to always act in their best interest. With this in mind, MillsonJames employs a level of Unwavering Objectivity that is unparalleled in the industry.
We never accept any form of referral fees, commissions, or overrides from a service provider, nor do we resell any product or service.