MillsonJames Case Study – The Power of Leveraged Expertise

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The Background

This organization had been struggling for several years to evolve from a paper-driven and manually-oriented HR department. Most every process involved a paper form and the department spent countless hours trying to keep disparate databases in sync and current. Furthermore, due to the lack of automation and data disintegration, there was a severe “lack of trust” with the data housed in the various systems that had been in place. We also identified a staffing concern where the current team may not have the capacity or experience to successfully implement a brand new HCM platform. All in all, it was a rather poor HR experience for both the staff and the employees that they served. They knew change was necessary, but had no idea where to start and fell ill-equipped to explore the market on their own.

Our Approach

When we initially were introduced to the employer through their broker, we sought to understand the specific details of their current processes, their satisfaction level with the current vendor(s), and their capacity to implement a new system. After this initial meeting, it became crystal clear they needed an integrated and updated HCM solution that could be leveraged across the company. We then tapped into the extensive MillsonJames database of providers to understand which HCM companies could solve for their current needs, would do so within their expected budget, and provide exceptional support throughout the implementation and beyond. We also felt there was a need to help build an internal business case to support the team’s desire to upgrade technology. We presented the client with our detailed Market Assessment Summary (MAS), which provided very specific details for the various options available in the market.

The Solution

By virtue of our Unwavering Objectivity model, we always seek to do what is in the best interest of our client, not anyone else’s. In this case, we had to analyze this project on a risk:value spectrum. Given the stated capacity and experience concerns shared by senior leadership as well as the HR team, we felt we needed to take a long, hard look at the services available through the existing service provider as compared to the technology and services available through a new vendor. The client was not overly dissatisfied with the current vendor’s service, just with the technology and the multiple databases that were in play. As a result, we spent time digging into the current vendor’s new/upgraded platform that would streamline several of the disparate databases and also could add some new technology that would automate manual processes (onboarding, e.g.). After the client reviewed the detailed MAS and understood their options, they felt it would be best to upgrade and enhance the current provider’s platform and leverage their unique support model to help implement the system. The client couldn’t have been happier with the process, outcome, and this unique consulting service which was brought to them by their broker.

Company Profile

Household Goods Retailer 250 Employees Multiple Locations Tampa, FL


Evolve and Automate Human Resources Processes Reduce Paper Provide for Single Entry/Single Record Automate Onboarding Client Quote: “We would have wandered in the wilderness without leveraging the expertise of MillsonJames.”

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