Just In Time Communication Tool – ACA Employee FAQs

As we head into what most everyone believes to be the busiest Q4 in history, we stand determined to try and alleviate some of that stress in whatever way we can. It is in that vein that we have pulled together a rather complete list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that are related to the Form 1095 that are set to be distributed within the next two months. These FAQs have been developed based on our countless hours of consulting with clients and studying these forms. We have tried to anticipate the types of questions that will be coming at employers in the next few months. There are two documents posted below — one for fully insured groups and one for self-funded groups. We encourage employers (and you as your client’s trusted advisor) to get in front of these employee questions. We’d also like to share our motto for ACA Reporting Communication – Start Early. Repeat Often. Employee 1095 FAQs – Fully Insured Employee 1095 FAQs – Self Funded

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