Scammers, Phishers, Pharmers, and the ACA

It is an unfortunate product of the digital age in which we live where we must be incredibly diligent with the security of our private data and information. Unfortunately, as technology has progressed, so have the means that criminals use to try and pry sensitive data from us. And, yet, at the end of the day, our data can only be taken from us if we allow it to be. My wife and I were recently targeted with a most vicious and gut-wrenching attempt to steal our personal information. We were at one of our children’s cross country meets when my wife received a phone call from a random number. She answered the call and was met with a heavy accent and a great deal of commotion in the background. The caller stated that there had been an accident that involved teenagers and someone was calling out my wife’s phone number from the wreckage. He listed out several vehicle types and, lo and behold, he referenced a black pick-up truck which my oldest son drives in college. My wife appropriately lost her mind. She started asking questions and he was attempting to answer. He mentioned something about paramedics arriving and the need for insurance information when he shared that the accident was in Orlando. Given that my son is away in college and not in Orlando, we became suspicious, but remained concerned (maybe it is another friend that knows our phone number?). In the end, he hung up and our subsequent research identified that the caller’s phone number is associated with a known scam artist. Regardless of the outcome, it was a painful reminder of our need to keep our data secure. So, back to the applicability of HR technology… We recently were made aware of a new phishing attack that is underway under the umbrella of ACA. The IRS just recently shared this information and a warning against this attack. In a nutshell, employers are being sent a fraudulent version of Form CP2000 notice that states that the employer is due to make payment to the “I.R.S” for ACA taxes due. Here is a link to the IRS’ warning: We would recommend making your clients aware of this phishing scam and to follow the instructions within the above notice to avoid being scammed. It is a crazy world we live in. Be safe out there (and help your clients do the same)…

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